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An Aunt After My Own Heart (download)
with Mosaics, Female Full Voice
$14.95    MG point:74
On Sale:
Jun 14, 2024
Windows 10, Windows 11
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Yuuka Asakura
Longing and Guilty Pleasure Over summer break, the protagonist returns alone to his grandparents’ house. There, he is greeted by his mother’s (much) younger sister, Yuuka.

Ever since he was little, the protagonist had always adored his kind, smart, and beautiful aunt. However, it was quite the shock to learn that she was now engaged.

Unwilling to hand her over to anyone else, his impulsive behavior becomes fueled by jealousy...
Yuuka Hiyama
Regret and Lust Though shocked by the news of his aunt’s engagement, the protagonist wants her to be happy, and gives her his blessing.

But several years later, Yuuka seems to have grown somewhat dissatisfied with her marriage. Although she loves her husband, Yuuka drunkenly complains to the protagonist about their sexless relationship.

The protagonist grows enraged at this, having given up his feelings for his aunt years ago for the sake of her happiness. This time, he decides to steal Yuuka back.

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