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Rance Quest
Magnum is
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worth of
playtime. For
starters, this

Farther Than the Blue Sky (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$44.95    MG point:224
On Sale:
Sep 19, 2019
4.7 out of 5 (4 reviews)
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Akatsuki Arisa
Arisa is so crazy about rockets that she’ll do anything to get them launched. In front of strangers she’s polite and friendly, but her real personality is violent and strict, especially toward the protagonist. However, this is merely a reflection of how much she cares about him; she’s just not all that open about her feelings. She can also be surprised to show a weaker, cuter side of herself. Kaho and Arisa often have conflicting opinions and spar verbally.
Reimei Kaho
Kaho is considerate of others and rarely shows much emotion, but she’s also gentle and honest. She doesn’t talk much, but any topic related to rockets can loosen her tongue. She tries to rely on others as little as possible, but it seems that she has taken a liking to the protagonist. An event in her past damaged her eyes and she can only read from a few centimeters away. Still, she prefers to wear glasses only when she works.
Michibiki Honoka
Honoka is amiable, full of curiosity, and always ready to play a prank on someone. Everyone gets along with her. She’s the protagonist’s childhood friend and they were recently reunited after not having seen each other for a year. Her pranks can be of a very provocative nature and the protagonist finds it difficult not to get carried along. Her family owns a workshop that manufactures a variety of rocket parts. She’s extremely talented in her father’s line of work, which requires high dexterity and skill, but does nothing productive with her abilities.
Ibuki Nazuna
Nazuna is an airhead who loves rockets, burning things, and is loaded. Much of what she says sounds crazy to other people and she has trouble holding conversations, but it all makes sense if you listen carefully and get on her wavelength. Her father is AXIP’s chairman of the board and she’s been in contact with rockets since she was very small. This makes her a very capable rocket scientist, especially in the field of propellants. She’s been friends with Arisa since they were small children.

Required CPU: 1.3GHz
Recommended CPU: 2.0 GHz
Required Memory: 1.0GB
Recommended Memory: 2.0GB
Required Resolution: 1280 x 720
Required Colors: Full Color
Required Graphics: Dedicated Video Ram 2MB+
Recommended Graphics: Dedicated Video Ram 4MB+
Required HDD Free Space: 7GB+
Recommended HDD Free Space: 8GB+
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c Compatible

funny and emotional
very unique and funny characters, all adorable even the slightly stubborn main char. the voice sound is really great. all routes worth playing. has some scientific problems explained in simple ways with drawings. i like science and especially space, so it's perfect. h-scences are awesome and well suited in the story (not animated, but very nice pics and talk, not just standard sex talk)
Out of this world!
**Spoilers in the review-fair warning**

This is an amazing game (with only a few minor nitpicks, but I'll get to those). It has fantastic artwork and a wonderfully memorable soundtrack. Not needing a creature of sorts as a mascot or anything to get ya hooked, it's a cool concept for a game that's worth trying.

First and foremost, I never thought learning the basics of rockets with diagrams would be so interesting (granted, I realize they dumb them down to get the basic point across and that falls into place based on how the protagonist is portrayed, so it's fine by me).

Depending on your attention span, this game MAY not be for you. If you wanted a nukige for no plot and just the H-scenes, this game will stretch on and bore you, but if you're up for some great story-and some rudimentary lessons about rocket science, along with, yes, some quality time with a given route's girl, then this game is up your alley.

Okay, so, despite the story itself and concept and a bunch of other stuff about this game being phenomenal, I have a few issues...Keep in mind these are only minor complaints and I still wholeheartedly think this game deserves all 5 stars.

Arisa: She's pretty and determined and resourceful, but she gets verbally and physically abusive to the point where it makes me uncomfortable. I understand that that form of humor is supposed to mix it up and lighten the mood when it tries to teach you some potentially boring stuff and you think "hey, isn't this supposed to be FUN?!", but, really, it does it a bit too much for my liking. Otherwise, she's a great character and seems to be the canonical match for the main character, as shown in another Chaublesoft title, 'If you love me, say so'. Going through her route almost makes me wish there'd be additional route for one of the side characters. I accredit this to how clever and enjoyable the writing CAN be.

Honoka: She cute and sounds playful, but she is also too much of a prankster for me. The protagonist gets pulled into WAY too many moments of entrapment and emotional blackmail (it's softhearted "fun", but whatever, everyone has their hang-ups, and this is mine) from a combination of her and Arisa ganging up on him. Also, her route starts on a weird, frustrating note that makes sense with how the characters are written, but it's annoying to get through and makes me wonder if they couldn't think of anything more creative as a jumping point. However, to me, this route had the most fulfilling climax.

Nazuna: She speaks in confusing metaphors when talking about rockets. Her style of speech could bug some people at first and going into her route, there's only gonna be more of it.She's a large-breasted, naive airhead, but she's lovable and my second favorite girl (genuinely based on personality and story).

Kaho: Despite being an unemotional girl who feels more the further you get down her route (not to mention the loli of the game), some people love those types and the combo was written well enough for me to like her here as well. I don't have much criticism about her route. I guess I never really liked when one of the defining characteristics about a girl-or a major factor in her route-in these games is a disability. It feels to me like the writers are using a crutch or being lazy, so they wrote her around that shortcoming instead of a real hook.

BUT, as I mentioned beforehand, these are nitpicks based on personal preferences. This game is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth getting if you're on the fence about it.

It has hot girls, rockets, teen angst, feeling defeated (there were tears), accomplished, and even doesn't make you wait for the "true"/full ending on some fandisk or whatever. Awesome game; I highly recommend it.

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