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Divine Slice of Life - Adult Version (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$15.99    MG point:79
On Sale:
Oct 23, 2015
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, Windows 10, OSX 10.11
3.1 out of 5 (8 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

It's time to get married! Take on the role of Aaki, a seemingly normal if somewhat self conscious young man, whose life is turned upside down after a casual stroll through the local park. Now he has to deal with two mischievous demi-gods who insist he must marry one of them.

Story Image

The game features a large script and unique artwork to tell Aaki's story giving the player key choices to make throughout which in turn effect how Aaki's life is shaped and what the game's final ending will be.

It's a tough time for Aaki in this little Divine Slice of Life.

Yui Aphrodite
Yui is a demi-god that holds the spirit of the goddess Aphrodite. She has spent much of her life so far searching the Earth in the hope of finding the reincarnation of the God Zeus so that she can ascend to the halls of Valhalla beside him.
Ryn Athena
Ryn is also a demi-god, but she holds the spirit of the goddess Athena. A little younger than Yui in looks but not in her fiery temper. She has journeyed the Earth with Yui in search of Zeus, but so that she can ascend to the heavens with him.
Taka Shinobi
Taka is an old friend of Aaki, she has long held a crush on him, which he remains oblivious to, making it difficult now for her to admit the truth to him.
Sakuya Rue
Sakuya is one of the smartest girls Aaki has ever met, as well as one of the most beautiful. Sakuya is currently tutoring Aaki in preparation for his upcoming exams.
Akame Taizawa
Akame is the class rep and a mischievous one at that - she likes to have her fun with Aaki from time to time, much to his annoyance.
Ronan Suritaki
Ronan could be considered to be Aaki’s main rival for the affections of Sakuya. He seems to find an immense amount of satisfaction in ruining Aaki’s plans.
Aaki Taizaki
The protagonist of this story which begins when he meets the two demi-gods Yui and Ryn fighting in the park. It turns out they were fighting over him and now they have decided they can’t leave his side...

Required CPU: 1.66 Ghz Processor
Required Memory: 1 GB Memory
Required HDD Free Space: 1 GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX: DirectX9+
OpenGL: OpenGL 2.0 or greater

Lacking flavor
I don't know quite how to place this game, besides saying it's very bland. There is voice acting, ad the artwork is very pretty, but the writing is pretty terrible. The characters seem almost interchangeable personality-wise, and even the most filled-out endings leave a lot to be desired.

The voice acting is also pretty bad, and seems almost like they threw it together just so they could check it off their list of features to advertise.

I wouldn't recommend this game. There are plenty of others with more interesting characters and storylines.
terrible voicing, good vn
Good vn for the price. Voice acting i'd say is very lacking, i just turned voices off, but the art and music are good. if you think the opening scene has bad acting i suggest turning voice off before the other characters ruin the game for you.

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