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Sengoku Rance Limited Edition (hardcopy)
Without Mosaics, No voice
$67.95    MG point:339
On Sale:
Nov 27, 2020
In Stock
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
4.6 out of 5 (3 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

This game’s protagonist. He’s a warrior by trade.

Blessed with incredible talent, Rance could probably become a world-saving hero... But instead of wasting time on world peace, he only cares about enjoying himself.

Rance loves women and has sex with every cute girl he can. When it comes to getting sex, this brute will do just about anything.
Sill Plain
A pitiful mage who Rance bought and puts to work on all manner of things. She cleans up after him, assists him on adventures, carries his things, sleeps with him at night, and anything else he makes her do.
Nobunaga Oda
The head of the Oda clan. Lacking in ambition, he hates war and tedious work. His predecessor made him learn how to fight, so he is technically strong, but Nobunaga’s hobby is cooking dango, and he often slacks off from his political duties to go run a tea house.
Nobunaga’s younger sister. She makes up for her brother’s lackadaisical attitude by staying on top of things. Kouhime even takes part in political work.

Nobunaga spreads the idea that she’s the hottest woman in Nippon all over the country, and word has even reached other Continents.
Nippon’s #1 kunoichi. Her talent is so great that she mastered most types of ninjutsu with little effort.

Suzume has assassinated over a hundred important figures, and not once has she failed a mission. She used to have rivals and enemies, but none of them could match her.

Everything is so easy for her that she tends to easily get bored and become dissatisfied.
Kenshin Uesugi
Nippon’s strongest sword-fighter, also known as the Goddess of War.

She always stands at the front of her army and runs like the wind straight into the enemy’s formation, but virtually nobody has been able to stop her.

Female commanders from all over Nippon come to the Uesugi clan out of their love of Kenshin.
Isoroku Yamamoto
A princess from a small clan that was destroyed by the Ashikaga clan. Her brother and the other remaining members of the Yamamoto clan are being held hostage by the Ashikaga clan, forcing her to work for them as a commander.
Ran Nanjou
The head of the Nanjou clan. Years back, in the test to decide the new lord of the Houjou clan’s territory, she lost to Souun Houjou by a large margin.

Ran is stubborn and hates losing, but she still loves Souun. (Souun and Ran are in a loving relationship with each other, but their personality problems keeps things a bit shaky there.)

Required CPU: Pentium 4
Required Memory: 1GB
Required Resolution: 800 x 600
Required Colors: Full Color
Sounds: WAVE, Direct Sound
Required HDD Free Space: 1GB
DirectX: 9.0c

It came in 3 days. A very inspiration game it changed my life!
In regards to the hard copy
Lots of folks have talked about the game proper, i want to review the actual hard copy stuff:

Much nicer box and assortment of stuff than the 5d and 6 double pack. Sure, it's nearly double the price for only one game instead of two, but you get a lot more than just a case and a cd with the sound tracks.

I'll say that I wish the bonuses were even better, but I think I'm just wishing we got the crazy hundreds of dollars collector sets the nihonjin get.

The box: It's alright! Kind of big and awkward to find a spot for on my shelf where my girlfriend wont ask me "what the fuck is that?" but I'd take that over having a smaller art book. It's not like a steel-box or anything, but it works, and doesn't feel like it's just the case to a dvd-r like with the previous Rance MG hardcopy. Overall It's a step in the right direction, would love a rance quest box like this, or even a rance 01/02 hardcopy with this kind of pomp circumstance.

The keychain: Bleh. I know kenshin is the most popular character of any series ever but ugh. It's a cute moment so it's probably among the only things you could make into a keychain for this game but man. Wish is was Suzume since she... represents the game better? I don't know. There's a real lack of ways to get Rance merch in the states so I feel weird that I only have a keychain of one of girl that makes me think: "she'd be 'meh' if she wasnt overpowered as fuck."

The game case and cd and download card and sound track are all fine, I don't have much to say about them. I generally prefer the "new" poster to the original releases title art but I think I'm in the minority there.

The real gem of this collection, oddly enough, is the game manual. It really feels like it should be hard bound, because it has dozens of pages of art and developer comments. Some really interesting stuff that feels like secret knowledge that goes way beyond the alice soft wiki for some things. The printing is actually really good, and the paper is shockingly nice. Again, I wish it was hard cover, it really is that nice. Feels weird flopping around all over the place.

Yeah, I want a few things to be better, but this is a much nicer physical release than the 5/6 release and is a step in the right direction for manga gamer. I'm a cheap bastard, so I feel weird about spending 70 bucks on a game I played a fan translation of ten years ago, but the extra's really make me feel like Rance and really take it a step above the glorified flash drives and digital codes you get otherwise for translated eroges.

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