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Roundscape: Adorevia (download)
Role playing
Without Mosaics, No voice
$15.95    MG point:79
On Sale:
Oct 18, 2018
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
3.5 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The first companion that the player meets in the game, and perhaps also the one who will be most shaped by her travels with them. Meredith is a busty, buxom spirit mage who grew up in the sleepy town of Oakshire. At the drop of a hat, she agrees to leave her old life behind and follow the player on their quest. An experience that will help the wide-eyed and sexually curious woman to stay true to her heart, or perhaps follow her friend down a more corrupted path…

In combat Meredith is a magical powerhouse, she can heal her comrades using the magic of the spirits or call down fiery death upon her enemies. Not to mention possessing a level of magical mastery that grants her the power to restore others back to life.
The Succubus
What hero would be complete without their own personal, sensuous, demonic companion? That’s the sort of question this platinum blonde beauty might ask you upon first meeting her. The Succubus is a gorgeous mystery wrapped up in layer after layer of sexy secrets. Quite ironic given how scantily clad the horny lady is! Over time, as you earn her trust and respect, she may just peel off some of those layers. But for now, she is simply along for what she expects to be an extremely pleasurable ride.

As one might expect, The Succubus’ mastery of sexuality extends to the field of battle. She uses her magic to mislead and distract her enemies, as well as ‘inspiring’ allies to fight with renewed vigour. Not to mention possessing impressive healing and damage dealing skills of her own.
The (gr)ass is always greener on the other side. Well, for Ruksana it certainly has been. After meeting the player on her own quest to defeat the Death God Murkhal, this feisty Greenskin soon pledges her axes to their cause. Despite having little experience with Humans, she quickly learns to respect the player who helps her broaden her horizons both on and off the battlefield. Under the guidance of her new chieftain, Ruksana will forge her own path and realise what it means to be a true Orc.

A brave warrior in the Orcish tradition Ruksana dives into battle, axes swinging, with little regard for her own safety. Once she goes berserk, there’s not much that can stop her, even if such reckless behaviour leaves her vulnerable to attack.
There’s no race quite so beautiful as the Elves, at least that’s what they say. Clawyn, however, has little need for such beauty. When her village in the Deep Woods was destroyed by Orcs in the service of Murkhal, she was taken as one of the spoils of war and subjected to all manner of indignities. After finally escaping their clutches, she swore to rid her homeland of Murkhal’s Orcish followers. With the player’s help, she achieves her goal and pledges her daggers to their service in return. In their travel together, she will begin to open up to her Human friend and remember the joys that physical intimacy can bring.

On the battlefield, Clawyn is a classic rogue. Wielding her two daggers at lightning fast speed, she can find the enemy’s weak spot and hit home. Not to mention possessing a knack for lurking in the shadows to carry out a deadly backstab. Like many of her kin, Clawyn is also at home with a bow in her hands, fighting from range.

Required CPU: Intel Core2 Duo or more
Required Memory: 2 GB RAM or more
Required Graphics: DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU
Required HDD Free Space: 4 GB required
DirectX: DirectX 9

Good Game
I give it 4 stars mostly because its actually a really decent game, but it's not the complete, and I"m hoping arvus games updates the game eventually to the latest version. Great game though!
Rough around the edges
Roundscape Adorevia has been on the Patreon for a few years now. I have seen and played a demo build of this before up to the first few chapters, and really enjoyed a lot of what was going on. The world was well built, there was so much to do, and the battles were as fun as any other turn RPG I've played.

You can choose between boy or girl, out of five different origins, and can choose how good or bad you want to play on your choices. It's like a mesh of so many other games with narratives effected by choices like Star Wars KOTOR or Mass Effect, set in a high fantasy setting with elves and dwarves and such. Your character has to recruit others to stop a growing evil threat that has, depending on your origin, already tried to snuff you and your loved ones out. The premise seems basic, but the execution with the characters, growth mechanics and sex scenes don't hurt.

However, this game is still in beta as of the day it was put on the store, October 2018. There's a LOT of text between story and sex so it can be kind of annoying to see spelling errors rampant like "he" at the start of a sentence instead of "She" or the player character called "Hero" instead of your name, or even how some words are highlighted yellow throughout every instance from "spirit" to "rest".

This game may bolster a lot of sex CG but the art differs between artist style and scenes, and it affects how the characters look. Ruksana, for instance, may look cutesy like in a hentai doujin in a threesome scene with her and Meredith, but then more realistic and hand-drawn in a threesome scene with Tishtyra. I suppose if people like variety, these pieces of art would be up their alley but I personally would like some consistency between how a character looks all around as some pictures aren't as great as others IMO.

But what was most annoying is that how lazily slopped together the "gallery" was. See, early in the game you can acquire a castle that acts as your homebase for you and your companions. One feature is also to watch previously watched sex scenes (CG static images with text over them and maybe a few moans playing in the background). Nevermind that some summaries literally said [test] over them as if the writer/editor didn't get around to them yet, but I noticed that I had access to certain scenes I didn't see at all yet. I didn't think of this at first, until I noticed I couldn't see certain scenes I KNEW I had scene during my playthrough. I believe one such instance was playing a threesome scene with Ruksana and her Oncle but instead I got a scene in the gallery with an elven princess I haven't met yet.

I sure do hope that Arvus games makes a patch for this later to iron out all these problems, because one of my peeves is games getting sold out to the public before it was sterilized of bugs and typos. At about $16 you can't go wrong at a game with so much to do. I recommend it without question, but not as it is.

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